Sistem Senjata Otonom dan Problem Legalitas

Sugeng Riyanto (Program Studi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta)

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The autonomous weapons system (AWS) is a prototype of weaponry system that no longer involves human in its operation. The weapon moves independently, looks for its target, identifies, and executes the target. AWS is controlled by a robotic system equipped with artificial intelligence. AWS is more advanced than drone technology (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle), which is still controlled by humans even from very distant range. Some parties beleive that these weapons have more advantages compared to conventional weapons that are still controlled by human. AWS can reduce mistakes that are often done by human. The traits, quicker in scanning and making a decision, and free from situational human psychology (e.g., stress, et cetera.). In the other hand, this weapon creates a new problem; who will take responsible since it is driven by robot, not human. This paper intends to explore the legal implication due to the absent of human role in this autonomous weapon system especially before international humanitarian law.

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