Penguatan Enmeshment Strategy Indonesia dalam IORA Menuju Integrasi Institusi Pengamanan Maritim Regional di Kawasan Samudra Hindia

Anggun Puspitasari (Program Studi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional, Universitas Budi Luhur, Jakarta)

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This paper aims to explain the diplomatic strategies that Indonesia may adopt by leveraging the existing IORA (The Indian Ocean Rim Association) forum on regional integration of maritime security institutions in the Indian Ocean region. Indonesia, which has a very large maritime territory, must take advantage of this in order to achieve national interest in various sectors, especially maritime security. IORA is the only regional organization in the Indian Ocean region that has adopted maritime security as one of the main focus of cooperation among its members. Indonesia leverages the region’s maritime connectivity forums in order to prioritize infrastructure development, and maritime security. Indonesia can utilize the Enmeshment (External) strategy to externalize IORA’s agenda of joint maritime security in the Indian Ocean. The fact that IORA is a relatively newly established regional organization, with member states that has different strategic interests as well as longstanding member states, will be a unique challenge for Indonesia to influence the whole region.

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