Festival Budaya Solo sebagai Counter Hegemony di Era Globalisasi

Halifa Haqqi, Universitas Slamet Riyadi, Surakarta

Corresponding e-mail: halifahaqqi@gmail.com)


Globalization is identical to the hegemony of superpower country. Superpower countries create culture of global consumerism and new socio-political scheme. Regional identity has the potential to become fragile. Culture as soft power becomes an important aspect in the counter hegemony. The success of cultural development shows the strength of culture that is able to bring up people’s sense of belonging to the culture. Surakarta City, popularly known as Solo City, is a unique region with cultural activities. Solo City has various cultural festivals that seem to reverse the logic of foreign hegemony towards Solo, as an effort to ‘bring the local into the global’. This study aims to find out how the Solo City Cultural Festival acts as a counter hegemony in the era of globalization. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of cultural identity in its role as a counter hegemony. The research method is a qualitative descriptive study conducted with a phenomenological and ethnographic approach. The main theory used is counter hegemony theory supported by Stephen M Magu’s research (2015) related to the implementation of vice versa from global and local relations. The results of the study found that cultural festivals play a role as a forum for a variety of actor resources that are able to create solutions to the problems of foreign hegemony faced together. The involvement of various elements of the community in the cultural festival makes the community have a sense of belonging to local wisdom.

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